Meet the Team

Meet the dynamic team spearheading careers guidance at Tettenhall Wood School; a group passionately dedicated to forging pathways that nourish our students’ future prospects and dreams.

Laura Watson, as our Careers Lead and Senior Assistant Headteacher, brings a wealth of experience and a proactive vision for crafting educational journeys that are both fulfilling and future-oriented. Laura stands as a pillar, guiding the department with a blend of expertise and insightful leadership, constantly aiming for new heights in career development initiatives.

Alison Tillyard steps in as the Trainee Careers Leader and a devoted class teacher. Embarking on a mission to nurture potential, Alison is the nexus between learning and real-world opportunities, ushering our students into realms where passion meets profession. With a hands-on approach to guidance, she infuses the curriculum with vital career literacy, ensuring each learner is empowered with knowledge and ambition.

Steering the visions to ground realities, Daniel Raven, our Careers Link Governor, plays a pivotal role in shaping policies and strategies that resonate with the future demands of the workforce. Daniel bridges the gap between administration and aspiration, orchestrating avenues that are both innovative and grounded in industry needs.

In the strategic corner is Jade Swindell, the Enterprise Advisor who orchestrates partnerships and alliances that bring enriching opportunities to our student’s doorstep. With an expansive network and a keen eye on market trends, Jade ensures our learners are privy to experiences that are not just educative but transformative.

Rounding up the team is the formidable Karen Corden, leading our Connexions initiative, a linchpin in connecting students with vital resources, guidance, and pathways that lead to successful careers. Karen’s role is about building bridges, opening doors, and ensuring that every student has the guidance they need to carve out their own path in the world.

Join us in celebrating a team that stands as a beacon, guiding our students to futures bright with possibility and potential. Tettenhall Wood School careers team is not just about guidance; it’s about crafting futures, one student at a time.

Laura Watson

Laura Watson

Careers Lead/Senior Assistant Headteacher

You can contact Laura at Tettenhall Wood School on:

01902 556519

or email at: 

Karen Corden

Karen Corden


Connexions is an impartial information, advice and guidance service which is part of the Skills team at Wolverhampton City Council. We support young people, along with their parents/carers, with making choices in life and making the transition to adulthood. We can work with young people with special education needs and disabilities until the age of 25 and can make referrals to other services after that age. We are client focussed and support our young people with choosing education and training options, developing independence and accessing support to barriers to achievement, exploring jobs and working life, volunteering and work experience, accessing community projects and leisure activities.

​Every young person with an EHCP has their own personal advisor. You can find more about the Connexions service and contact us 

Giles Bates

Giles Bates

Classroom Teacher/Careers Leader

Jade Swindell

Jade Swindell

Enterprise Advisor

Hi, I’m Jade Swindell and I work at DPD Smethwick as an Apprenticeship & Supported

Employment Coordinator. I’m thrilled to be working with the Tettenhall Wood School as an Enterprise Advisor, helping develop and provide career strategies for the inspiring students of the school.

​I have worked for DPD for over 6 years in various departments including Sales, Training, Development and Recruitment. I’m sure my skill set will help me guide students in their career paths. For me there is nothing more rewarding than working and supporting young students on their journey into the big wide world of work. I’m here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out 

Tettenhall Wood School’s Pioneering Careers Programme

At Tettenhall Wood School, we believe in the boundless potential of every learner. Our comprehensive Careers Programme is meticulously crafted to ensure that every student is prepared, inspired, and empowered to take on the world of work with confidence and skill.

Our Vision and Aims
Our aim is to not just educate but to truly inspire. Our Careers Programme is constructed to:

  • Elevate aspirations and inspire dreams.
  • Highlight every transitional pathway – from paid jobs and volunteering opportunities to apprenticeships and independent living.
  • Cultivate life and work skills, preparing students for their chosen paths.
  • Offer unbiased careers advice, ensuring an awareness of every possible opportunity.
  • Involve parents and guardians in the journey, ensuring a collaborative approach to fulfilling potentials.
    Seamlessly blend classroom learning with real-world work experiences.

Here’s What’s On Offer:

  1. Purposeful Work Experience: We offer meaningful internships, both within our institution and with respected local businesses, tailored to student aspirations.
  2. Guidance from Connexions: Our association with Connexions ensures regular group workshops and yearly one-on-one sessions for tailored advice.
  3. Enterprise Adviser Network: Our collaboration with The Careers and Enterprise Company aims to bring in experts from various fields, offering genuine insights into the world of work.
  4. Career Fairs and Local Initiatives: Handpicked to suit our students, we facilitate introductions to the broader world of work.
  5. Hands-on Assistance: From CV crafting to interview preparations, we ensure our students are job-ready.
  6. Broadening Horizons: Our ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ initiative invites professionals to share their journeys, offering a mosaic of potential career paths.
  7. Support for All: Recognizing the diversity of our student body, we also provide experiential work education for those facing unique challenges.

Compass Plus

Please click here to see our Compass Plus results.

Career Pathways Year 8-14

Below are the links to the accreditation and qualification organisations we use. Further information can be found on the Long Term Overviews, where the Gatsby Benchmarks are mapped to ensure that a stable careers programme is delivered to our young people.

Sensory Pathway Accreditation

AccreditationYear GroupLink
Asdan Transition Challenge8-11

Sensory/Formal Pathway Accreditation

QualificationYear GroupLevel of studyLink
Asdan Personal Progress12-14Entry 1
Ascentis Independent Living9-14Entry 1-3
Life Skills9-14Entry 1-2
Ascentis EmployabilityPost 16Entry 1-Level 1
Ascentis Work PreparationPost 16Entry 3- Level 2

Curriculum Overviews for each class can be found in the Curriculum area of the website, The Moving On pathway 16 is mapped with the Gatsby Benchmarks and below are the opportunities that are provided as part of our careers programme.

What opportunities are provided to allow access to pupils?

Via our school careers programme, we offer providers numerous opportunities throughout the school year to speak to pupils and/or their parents. Our annual schedule of events is as follows:

Gatsby Benchmarks

At the heart of our strategy lie the Gatsby Career Benchmarks, the gold standard in career education. We’re proud to align our curriculum with these eight benchmarks, ensuring our students receive nothing less than the best. For a detailed understanding of how we integrate these benchmarks, especially tailored for SEND, do explore our link.

SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit

We’re committed, we’re inspired, and we’re ready. With a blend of passion and professionalism, Tettenhall Wood School is preparing the leaders, thinkers, and doers of tomorrow. Come, be a part of this visionary journey!

Labour Market Information

Navigating the Job Market with Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) at Tettenhall Wood School


Understanding LMI:
In a world that’s ever-evolving, especially in the business and employment sectors, it’s pivotal to be ahead of the curve. Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) stands as a beacon for this insight, shining light on the intricate web of careers, businesses, and job trends.

Local Focus:
For our students at Tettenhall Wood School, it’s not just about global or national perspectives. It’s vital to zoom in on Wolverhampton’s landscape. By understanding LMI, students gain insights into:

  1. Demographic Dynamics: Get to know the community – who lives here, what are the age groups, cultural influences, and more.
  2. Key Sectors Thriving Locally: From manufacturing to digital technologies, discover the sectors that are booming right in our backyard.
  3. Trending Job Profiles: Stay updated on which job roles are in demand and what skills employers are eagerly seeking.
  4. Strategic Businesses & Opportunities: Identify pivotal businesses that drive our local economy and learn about the myriad of opportunities they present.

🖱️ Stay Updated with a Click:
The world of LMI is ever-changing, reflecting the dynamic nature of our economy and job market. But fret not! We’ve streamlined this vast ocean of information for you. Simply follow the links below to delve into the latest Local Market Information, focusing on Wolverhampton and its surrounding regions.

Through this knowledge, students are better positioned to carve out a path that not only aligns with their passions and skills but also resonates with the pulse of the local economy.

At Tettenhall Wood School, we believe in empowering our students with the right tools, insights, and guidance to thrive in the real world. Dive into LMI, and let’s shape the future, today!

Local Labour Market Intelligence

Labour Market Information by Region

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