Our curriculum optimises your child’s educational journey with Tettenhall Wood Special School’s tailored curriculum. Our approach is centered around the unique needs and strengths of each learner, ensuring they receive high-quality, engaging educational experiences. Our goal is to nurture:

  • Successful Learners: We foster a love for learning, encouraging students to make remarkable progress and thrive academically.
  • Effective Communicators: Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of self-expression, decision-making, and cultivating positive relationships.
  • Confident Individuals: We empower students to actively participate in school and community activities, building their self-assurance.
  • Responsible Citizens: Our learners are guided to behave commendably and contribute positively to both the school environment and the broader community.
  • Lifelong Learners: We prepare students for the future, whether it’s in employment, further education, or supported living, equipping them with the skills needed for adulthood.

Central to our curriculum is the focus on each pupil’s strengths and needs as outlined in their Education, Health and Care Plan, aligning with the National Curriculum objectives when suitable. We prioritize pupil and family aspirations, meticulously planning with the ultimate goal in mind. For our younger learners in the Stepping Stones / Key Stage One pathway, we aim for a smooth transition into a pathway that fosters progression. Secondary phase learners, especially those in Year Nine and above, receive focused preparation for future destinations and adulthood.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to prepare children for their next steps while valuing the importance of their current developmental stage. Join us at Tettenhall Wood Special School, where we dream big and work together towards a future where every student shines and exceeds their potential.

At Tettenhall Wood Special School, our curriculum radiates positivity, focusing on the unique journey of every child and young person. Here’s how we ensure a vibrant and enriching educational experience:

  • Centered on the Individual: Each child’s strengths, knowledge, skills, needs, and aspirations are the heart of our curriculum, ensuring a deeply personal and impactful learning journey.
  • Broad, Balanced, and Engaging: Our curriculum is designed to be comprehensive, relevant, and ambitious, capturing the imagination of every learner and fostering a genuine enthusiasm for discovery.
  • Structured and Integrative Learning: We present knowledge and skills in a coherent manner, creating connections and building upon previous learnings, making education a seamless experience.
  • Real-World Skills and Experiences: Through community-based activities, we teach practical life skills and provide opportunities for students to apply these in real-world contexts, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities beyond the school gates.
  • Fostering a Lifelong Love of Learning: Our aim is to ignite and nurture a perpetual passion for learning, encouraging interests that extend far beyond their time with us.
  • Promoting Independence and Resilience: We are dedicated to fostering independence and resilience, alongside promoting healthy lifestyles, ensuring our students are prepared for all aspects of life.
  • Empowering Voices: We believe every child and young person should have a voice, ensuring they are heard, valued, and can influence their educational journey.

At Tettenhall Wood Special School, we don’t just teach; we inspire a positive, confident, and proactive approach to learning and life. Join us in creating a future where every student is empowered to exceed their potential.

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