The Explorers Pathway is designed for our learners with complex needs who require a sensory based approach to their learning. Within this Pathway, learners will work with familiar adults who will help them develop key skills using multi-sensory approaches. The learners have a subject specific timetable so that they are exposed to different experiences. Some of the subjects are combined to give a more holistic approach to early development subject content. Throughout these lessons, basic skills are utilised to develop communication, pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills.


English is taught using a combination of approaches. The reading is developed using two dimensions: reading skills and reading for pleasure. The focus for writing initially is on mark making and developing the learner’s fine and gross motor skills to enable the progression to overwriting and letter formation. Exposure to Phonics is through attention autism.


Learners are taught to be active communicators to request wants and needs, enjoy social interactions and build relationships using functional methods of communication.


Learners are taught early mathematical skills, being able to problem solve, sequence and patterns and early number through songs and rhymes.


Learners will develop self-help skills, keeping themselves healthy and developing self-awareness to be confident in the world in which we live in.

Sample Timetable

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