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Here at Tettenhall Wood, we believe in YOU and the extraordinary potential within you. We know that every dream is unique. That’s why we’re here, every step of the way, dedicated to helping you discover and harness that potential.

Shaping Futures at Tettenhall Wood

Discover Yourself & Beyond: Journey with us to discover not just the world around you, but the world within you. Empower yourself with knowledge and insight, unlocking the potential that resides within.

Opportunities Await: Experience the world of work with our curated employer visits. Dive into immersive workplace settings and get a taste of what the future holds. As for college aspirations? We’ve got you covered, providing firsthand insights into further education avenues.

Guidance Tailored to You: Your dreams and aspirations are uniquely yours, which is why our guidance is crafted just for you. We’re always here, listening, understanding, and supporting.

Your Vocational Profile – A Blueprint to Success: Together, each year, we’ll craft your vocational profile, be it with our passionate careers lead or your dedicated class teacher. This personalised guide not only maps out your journey but also serves as an invaluable resource for parents and professionals, underscoring our commitment to your aspirations.

Our Pledge to You: We believe in action, complemented by words. Here’s a snapshot of what we promise to offer:

  • Customised future roadmaps
  • Engaging employer encounters
  • Comprehensive job insights
  • Immersive workplace walkthroughs
  • Genuine college experiences
  • Individualised guidance sessions

Come, let’s embark on this journey, hand in hand, lighting up the path you’ve chosen. With Tettenhall Wood by your side, the horizon gleams with promise, beckoning you to mould it. Your future is a canvas, waiting for your touch!

Resources to support you to find employment

Easy read guide about writing a CV

Easy read guide about finding a job

Easy read guide about going to a job interview

Easy read guide about starting work

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about our Careers programme please email our Careers Lead/Senior Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Laura Watson.

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