Careers – Parents

Before your child attends any external work experience, a meeting will be set up with a Careers Leader and details will be discussed. You will be given a guide on how to support your child and what to expect.

Supporting your child

  • Talk regularly with your child or your young person to discuss their hopes and plans for the future, and share this information with their class teacher.

  • Attend Annual Reviews and make sure that the Education and Health Care Plan for your child accurately reflects their needs and includes plans for the future.

  • From Year 9 onwards, speak with our Connexions Advisor to gain a wider view of what is available, they will be meeting termly with your young person to discuss their views and offer advice.

  • Attend our annual Colleges and Cake event to meet with advisors representing a range of colleges and support services.

  • Look at the websites of Local and Specialist Colleges to find out about courses on offer, watch their virtual tours, and see dates of open days when you can visit.  It is always best to visit where possible, so that you are informed about how different colleges can best support your young person.

  • Attend local Careers events – these will be publicised to parents and young people through Dojo.

    SEND Careers Event - 11th February 2022

    Black Country Skills Factory and Tettenhall Wood School planned and hosted SEND Preparing for adulthood careers event on the 11th February 2022 at Aldersley high school from 10-2pm.

    ​SEND Young people from 2 mainstream secondary schools and 5 special schools in Wolverhampton attended the event during allocated time slots.

    ​The event was planned to support SEND young people and their parents in Wolverhampton navigate post 16 and 18 option choices and meet disability confident and inclusive Employers. This event supported our SEND young people to make their best next step. We had a range of local colleges, training providers, supported employment agencies, specialist colleges, employers, social care settings and support services attend.

    Are you an education provider who offers provision for EHCP learners or a supportive employer and would like to be part of the next event? If so please contact or 

    Connexions: Your Bridge to Future Success at Tettenhall Wood School


    Introducing Connexions:

    Stepping into adulthood comes with its set of challenges and decisions. That’s where Connexions steps in! Part of the illustrious Skills team at Wolverhampton City Council, Connexions is your beacon of impartial information, advice, and guidance, specially tailored for our vibrant youth.

    Our Core Mission:

    We are dedicated to ensuring that every young person, along with their dedicated parents and guardians, receives the guidance they need during this pivotal transition. Our expertise is particularly beneficial for young individuals with special education needs and disabilities, supporting them until the age of 25. Beyond that, we ensure a seamless transition by making referrals to specialised services.

    Personalised Services for Every Ambition:

    Whether you’re on the lookout for the perfect educational avenue, seeking training options, aiming to develop your independence, or desiring to dive into the world of work, Connexions has got your back! Our offerings include:

    1. Education & Training Guidance: Pinpointing the best avenues for academic and skill development.
    2. Overcoming Challenges: Providing access to solutions that counter barriers to achievement.
    3. Career Exploration: Diving deep into the realm of jobs, volunteer opportunities, and hands-on work experiences.
    4. Community Engagement: Encouraging participation in community projects and leisure activities to foster holistic growth.

    A Dedicated Advisor Just For You:

    Every young individual with an EHCP isn’t just a name in our database. They are unique, with dreams and aspirations. Hence, each one is paired with a personal advisor, a guide who understands, mentors, and leads them towards their goals.

    Reach Out & Connect:

    Discover more about the invaluable offerings of Connexions and open a world of opportunities. Connexions Website – Dive in, and let’s chart the path to your promising future together.

    Join hands with Connexions, and together at Tettenhall Wood School, we’ll illuminate every step of your journey into adulthood.

    Labour Market Information

    Navigating the Job Market with Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) at Tettenhall Wood School


    Understanding LMI:
    In a world that’s ever-evolving, especially in the business and employment sectors, it’s pivotal to be ahead of the curve. Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) stands as a beacon for this insight, shining light on the intricate web of careers, businesses, and job trends.

    Local Focus:
    For our students at Tettenhall Wood School, it’s not just about global or national perspectives. It’s vital to zoom in on Wolverhampton’s landscape. By understanding LMI, students gain insights into:

    1. Demographic Dynamics: Get to know the community – who lives here, what are the age groups, cultural influences, and more.
    2. Key Sectors Thriving Locally: From manufacturing to digital technologies, discover the sectors that are booming right in our backyard.
    3. Trending Job Profiles: Stay updated on which job roles are in demand and what skills employers are eagerly seeking.
    4. Strategic Businesses & Opportunities: Identify pivotal businesses that drive our local economy and learn about the myriad of opportunities they present.

    🖱️ Stay Updated with a Click:
    The world of LMI is ever-changing, reflecting the dynamic nature of our economy and job market. But fret not! We’ve streamlined this vast ocean of information for you. Simply follow the links below to delve into the latest Local Market Information, focusing on Wolverhampton and its surrounding regions.

    Through this knowledge, students are better positioned to carve out a path that not only aligns with their passions and skills but also resonates with the pulse of the local economy.

    At Tettenhall Wood School, we believe in empowering our students with the right tools, insights, and guidance to thrive in the real world. Dive into LMI, and let’s shape the future, today!

    Local Labour Market Intelligence

    Labour Market Information by Region

    Your Future Black Country

    Wolverhampton Local Offer

    Dive Into Wolverhampton’s SEND Local Offer!

    Welcome to the Wolverhampton Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Local Offer, your one-stop hub designed especially for our children, young people, and their beloved families.

    What is the SEND Local Offer?
    Imagine a single place, brimming with vital information tailored for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their supportive parents or carers. That’s precisely what the SEND Local Offer is.

    Where to Access:
    Whether you’re cosied up with a book at the Wolverhampton Libraries & Community Hubs or navigating the City of Wolverhampton Council Civic Centre, provisions have been made to support seamless access to the Local Offer.

    Educative Resources:
    In collaboration with the Department for Education, the Council for Disabled Children (CDC) has curated insightful fact sheets, enlightening films, and easy-to-understand posters. Dive into these resources to unpack the key themes of the new SEND reforms, including the ever-useful Parent’s Guide to the Local Offer.

    Official Guidelines:
    Every Local Authority is mandated by the Children and Families Act 2014 to produce a comprehensive Local Offer. This gathers essential information across education, health, and social care provisions. For a deep dive into the specific requirements of the Local Offer, the SEND Code of Practice – January 2015 is your trusty guide.

    Service Insights:
    Whether it’s special educational, health, social care, or even training provisions, the Local Offer introduces families to a broad spectrum of local agency services. Also, we have comprehensive insights into arrangements like travel for children and preparing them for a wholesome adulthood, touching on housing, employment, and leisure.

    Guiding Principles:
    The meticulous creation and delivery of this Local Offer have been overseen by the dedicated Local Offer Group. Adopting key principles ensures our Local Offer remains at the heart of serving our community’s best interests.

    So, if you’re eager to discover, understand, and make the most of the diverse provisions available for our incredible children and young people, dive into Wolverhampton’s SEND Local Offer now! Your journey to empowerment, information, and support starts here.

    Wolverhampton Local Offer

    Links to local colleges- Specialist Provision Links Wolverhampton Local Offer

    City of Wolverhampton College

    The Futures Programme is aimed at young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and/or an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

    Dudley College

    Aspire Works is all geared up for students to get those all-important employability skills. There’s a commercial print room, engineering workshop and retail showroom all managed by their learners and their supportive tutors.

    Sandwell College

    Sandwell College have a range of programmes designed to cater for a wide range of students, with a high level of support that ensures each individual is given a learning experience appropriate to their needs. Our students have an excellent record of progressing, and almost all go on to mainstream College courses or an advanced level of study.

    Walsall College

    The supported learning courses can be stepping stones to either higher levels of study or greater independence. We also offer individualised personal support plans that are tailor-made to suit students’ specific needs.​

    These courses are ideal for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities or for those who may need additional support for a variety of reasons and don’t have a Level 2 qualification (GCSE A* to C).

    ​For some students, it may be that they just need some extra support to be successful on one of our vocational courses that they’ve chosen to study. We’re here to provide you with the learning support you need.

    Rodbaston College

    Have a supportive learner-centred environment fully staffed by a dedicated team of teachers, instructors and learning support assistants at every campus.

    Our supported learning programmes offer learners the perfect opportunity to develop and grow in confidence and independence, helping you find your place in the world, enhance life skills and develop employability skills.

    Get involved in external work experience opportunities – volunteer with the National Trust to restore woodland and create habitats for the RSPB! We have a dedicated learner support team who are on hand to develop individual learning support plans, based on the needs of each learner. 

    Telford College

    The Willow Tree provides a safe and stimulating working environment for learners and all staff ensure students experience a rich and exciting curriculum tailored to their specific needs.​

    Staff ensure a multi-sensory approach to learning, providing a Total Communication Environment which facilitates communication for all and following strategies as outlined in individual student behaviour support or ASD plans. Students are encouraged to be as independent as possible in their learning by establishing routines and schedules. They are empowered in their learning through the negotiation of individual success criteria, adapted to their level of understanding.


    Natspec is the membership association for organisations which offer specialist further education and training for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. 

    Destinations Data

    Destinations Data: An Overview

    Definition: Destinations data refers to the information gathered about where students go and what activities they engage in after leaving school. This can encompass various paths, including higher education, vocational training, employment, or other life endeavors.

    Types of Destinations Data:

    1. Proposed Destinations: Information about what students intend to do after completing their education. This could be plans to attend a specific university, join an apprenticeship program, or embark on a gap year.
    2. Actual Destinations: This captures what students actually end up doing after they leave school. Often, there’s a follow-up, usually six months or a year post-graduation, to collect this data.

    Find out more

    If you would like to learn more about our Careers programme please email our Careers Lead/Senior Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Laura Watson.

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