Team Teach

What is Team Teach?

Team Teach is an accredited and award-winning program, providing training in positive behaviour management strategies. Designed for those working with both children and adults across various settings, Team Teach focuses on transforming challenging situations and behaviors into positive outcomes. It emphasizes the maintenance of positive relationships and the development of essential skills to manage behaviour effectively.

Team Teach at Tettenhall Wood School: A Comprehensive Approach

At Tettenhall Wood School, we recognize the importance of robust training in positive behaviour management. That’s why every member of our staff has undergone Team Teach Training.

What Does the Training Include?
Our staff have completed the Positive Behaviour Management Level Two course, which requires a 12-hour commitment. Through this comprehensive training, they have been educated and assessed on several key areas:

  • Personal Values: Understanding and aligning their values when working with children.
  • Challenging Behaviour Insights: Developing a deeper understanding of what triggers challenging behaviours and how to address them.
  • De-Escalation Tactics: Learning different techniques to defuse potentially difficult situations.
  • Personal Safety Techniques: Mastering methods to ensure their safety and the safety of those they are working with.
  • Physical Interventions: Gaining the ability to provide safe and humane physical interventions when necessary.

Why Team Teach at Tettenhall Wood School?

Team Teach is more than just a training program for us; it’s an integral part of our approach to positive behaviour strategies. We use Team Teach in conjunction with other proven methods to assist our children in everyday life. The goal is not just to manage behaviour but to empower our students with the skills to govern their own behavior positively.


Who trains our staff?

Although Team Teach is a national company, Tettenhall Wood School have 5 in house tutors. They are:

B.Catton (Assistant Head Teacher)

J.Edwards (Pastoral Senior)

L.Turner (Pastoral Senior)

N.Boot (Class Teacher/Outreach)


For any more information regarding Team Teach, you can email Tettenhall Wood School:

or go straight to the Team Teach Website.

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