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Work Experience at Tettenhall Wood School

In the heart of Tettenhall Wood School lies our commitment to unlocking the vast potential of each student. Our work experience programme is carefully curated to ensure our students receive an enriching vocational and careers education tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

We believe that the horizon is vast, filled with opportunities for every learner. Our primary vision is to pave the way for our students to discover fulfilling, paid employment in the future. At the core of our approach is the student โ€“ understanding their hopes, ambitions, and dreams. By integrating their Education, Health & Care plans, we strive to align their academic journey with their future aspirations, reinforcing the belief that for many, a vibrant working life awaits.

Every step, every experience at Tettenhall is crafted with an eye towards the future. We’re not just preparing students for the world; we’re preparing the world for our students.

Tettenhall Wood School’s Guiding Principles: C.H.I.L.D.

At Tettenhall Wood School, our ethos is anchored in a set of core principles that embody our vision for every pupil. We have encapsulated this in the acronym: C.H.I.L.D. Each letter represents a fundamental value that shapes our approach to education and holistic development.

๐ŸŒŸ C – Collective Responsibility
Our pupils don’t just learn within the four walls of the classroom. They are actively involved in planning and participating in projects that benefit the local community. By doing so, we instil in them a sense of ownership, belonging, and responsibility towards their environment and society.

๐ŸŒŸ H – High Expectations
Every pupil is a universe of potential. Our comprehensive careers programme is tailored to ensure they’re exposed to the myriad of opportunities the world offers. We inspire them to reach for the stars and realise their highest potential.

๐ŸŒŸ I – Independence
Independence isn’t just about self-reliance; it’s about carving one’s path. While employment is a goal for many, we emphasise the broader objective of leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. We equip our pupils with the tools to advocate for themselves, empowering them to take charge of their journeys.

๐ŸŒŸ L – Learn and Reflect
Every experience, every lesson is an opportunity. At Tettenhall, we cultivate a culture of continuous learning. Beyond the curriculum, our pupils are encouraged to introspect, assimilate, and grow from every challenge and achievement.

๐ŸŒŸ D – Dignity and Respect
Understanding and appreciation go hand in hand. We ensure our pupils are exposed to the rich tapestry of the world, acquainting them with its diverse cultures and vocations. With this, we aim for them to respect and value differences, seeing them as opportunities rather than barriers.

At Tettenhall Wood School, every C.H.I.L.D. is a beacon of potential, and through these guiding principles, we strive to light their path towards a promising future.

Pupils will be expected to record their work experience opportunities and have important information to support them whilst on placement.

Spotlight on TWS Sports Podcast: Champions Beyond the Mic

At Tettenhall Wood School, we’ve always celebrated the untapped potential and brilliance of our learners. In May 2021, this commitment gave birth to the TWS Sports Podcast. Hosted by our talented students, this isn’t just a podcast; it’s a testament to the myriad skills and capabilities of young individuals with autism.


Behind the Scenes โ€“ Our Students in Action:

  • Research: Before every episode, our students dive deep into research, getting to know the guest to tailor meaningful and engaging conversations.
  • Rehearsal: Ensuring top-tier broadcasts, they practice their lines, finetuning their questions, and boosting their confidence.
  • Live Action: The heart of the process โ€“ our students engage guests in rich dialogues, delving into the guest’s career while seamlessly managing the flow of conversation.
  • Reflection: Post-interview, they indulge in a debriefing session, appreciating their strong points and noting areas of improvement.
  • Editing: Showcasing snippets on social media, they refine the most impactful moments of the podcast for wider reach.

Achievements that Echo:

In its brief history, the TWS Sports Podcast has achieved monumental success:

  • BBC Features: Not just once, but twice, the BBC spotlighted our podcast, bringing reporters onsite for live recording sessions and interviews with our adept student hosts.
  • Local Pride: Our community’s local newspaper repeatedly shines a light on the podcast, celebrating its achievements.
  • Trailblazing Recognition: In Summer 2022, we clinched the ‘City of Wolverhampton Sports Award’ in the coveted Trailblazer category.
  • Global Applause: March 2022 saw us rising above heavyweights like the BBC and Olympics to secure the GLOBAL Sports Podcast Award for the ‘Best Social and Equality Sports Podcast’. A monumental win, it’s a moment of immense pride for our students and our entire Tettenhall Wood community.

Interested to hear our award-winning episodes or learn more about our journey? Dive into the world of TWS Sports Podcast by visiting our podcast website. Join us in celebrating the exceptional talents of our students and the powerful voice of the autistic community.

‘Thank you for inviting me on the podcast. You are providing your students with an incredible learning opportunity. Well done.

Joe Hart

Goalkeeper, Celtic Football Club

‘This is an incredible podcast hosted by autistic children. Make sure you give it a listen, you won’t want to miss it.’

Kurt Angle

Professional Wrestler

โ€œWhat the students are doing is fantastic and really inspiring to see. Well doneโ€

Clive Woodward

Rugby Coach, England

Coffee Shop


The Coffee Shop was set up in 2017, with the vision to:

  • To provide a service to the school and the local community
  • Young people to be fully trained baristas
  • To give young people transferrable skills for the future
  • To produce fresh snacks and drinks
  • To have customer service training
  • To increase independence skills
  • To handle money
  • To feel valued in making a positive contribution to society


The Coffee Shop has moved locations recently and we hope to make it open to the public again very soon.

Work Experience in School

Tettenhall Wood School’s Internal Job Fair: A Glimpse into the Future!

Experience Awaits:

Every term at Tettenhall Wood School, our campus transforms into a vibrant job marketplace. Our unique internal job fair offers learners a hands-on insight into the dynamic roles available within the school, preparing them for a bright future ahead.

Roles Ready for Exploration:

  • Admin Aficionados: Step into the world of administration, managing crucial tasks and welcoming visitors at our reception.
  • Coffee Shop Connoisseurs: Don the hat of a Coffee Shop Assistant or even Manager, brewing delightful moments.
  • Tech Titans: As an ICT Assistant, ensure gadgets are in top form, from changing batteries to testing equipment.
  • Culinary Champions: Join the bustling kitchen as an assistant, helping to craft delicious meals.
  • Guardians of Green: Immerse yourself in grounds and maintenance roles, preserving the beauty of our school.
  • Bookworm Buddies: Dive into tales and titles as a Library Assistant, nurturing the school’s love for reading.
  • Dinner Time Directors: Oversee the dinner registers, ensuring smooth operations during meal times.

The Journey:
The job fair isn’t just about introductions. Learners engage deeply with each role, conversing with staff coordinators and getting a genuine feel of each job’s essence. Post the fair, they can confidently apply for their preferred roles. The subsequent interview, designed to align with their individual needs, provides a supportive environment for them to shine. Upon selection, a warm letter awaits them, marking the beginning of their exhilarating work experience voyage.

Interview Panel:
Ensuring a comprehensive selection process, our esteemed interview panel includes the Careers Lead, respective department heads, and our prized Enterprise Advisor from DPD.

Beyond the Roles:
This initiative is more than just a work experience. It’s a bridge to adulthood. Our learners cultivate invaluable transferable skills, preparing them to confidently navigate the real world, with memories and experiences they’ll cherish forever.

Join us in celebrating these moments. Together, we’re crafting a brighter, promising future for every learner at Tettenhall Wood School.

External Projects

Pupils have been involved in a volunteering projects that required them to plan and develop an area to enhance the wellbeing of the clients that visit. We have worked on projects for the Leonard Cheshire Volunteering Project and worked on the Albrighton Moat with the Albrighton Trust.

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about our Careers programme please email our Careers Lead/Senior Assistant Headteacher, Laura Watson.

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